Sunday, December 30, 2007

dear michelle:

Hello Michelle! Thanks for the festive ornaments that you tied onto my Christmas gifts. They're super cute, and as I'm currently smack in the middle of a felt obsession, they're wonderfully appropriate.

I thought they would be even more perfect if I gave them a little sparkly dose of adornment, so I stitched a design on them with white embroidery thread and added a few beads for good measure.

I think it worked, but here's one that's done and one before my crafty make-over so you can judge for yourself:

The Purl Bee featured some cute star ornaments made with felt and beads- maybe I'll make some of these to match my snowflakes and tie them on to your gifts next year.

Hope you like them!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

dear ikea:

Hello you wonderful Swedes! You've come to my rescue once again. We've been talking about curtains in the bedroom forever, since we bought our lovely new cellular shade and opted not to spring for the room-darkening upgrade (big mistake).

Thanks to your flawless design style and Mr. Lulu's keen eye- he spotted these hanging in one of the little room scenes and pointed out that they were exactly the right color for our bedroom- we can now sleep in past daybreak!

It only took a slight modification to the length (about half, really- those dang things were long) and we have a whole new look in our bedroom plus enough left over to make pillows or more curtains for another room.

Here's the finished product (and the inspiration for further craftiness):

Ikea, you're the best.