Sunday, January 6, 2008

dear kodak:

Hello giant camera conglomerate! Thanks for being lame and not including a case with the new camera that Mr. Lulu got for Christmas. Your oversight gave me the opportunity to flex my sewing muscles again, and I have to admit- I'm a little sore.

It didn't go too badly, and thanks to the awesome tutorials on U-Handblog we were able to figure out how to give it a flat bottom so it looks much more professional than it would have if I had just made a pathetic little pouch like I was thinking of.

I don't love it, and I think it would be way cooler in felt like these ones, but it's better than nothing for now. And Mr. Lulu thinks I'm brilliant, so that's always a plus.

Thanks again!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

dear lulu:

Yeah, yeah, resolutions are kind of lame, and they're usually not a great way to initiate change in one's life, but it doesn't stop me from making some every year!

So here's your list for '08 so far:

-Do some blogging. (Check!)
-Make more of an effort with your friends. You're terrible at calling. I know you want to see them, you're just lazy. Promise you'll try harder this year!
-Make more stuff. It's time to finally try your hand at resin, and letterpress, and I know you have a million sewing projects in mind, plus unfinished knitting to do... the list goes on. Get to work.
-Get out of debt. No more excuses. Think of all that money you can free up by not continuing to pay for all that useless crap you bought last year!
-Figure out what to do with your life already. School, job, life in general. I understand that you've been having a hard time figuring out where you fit, but you turn 28 this year- it's time.
-Get off your butt and get some exercise. This is definitely the old stand-by. Looks like you might have found an extra 15 pounds this winter. Maybe you should put an ad on Craigslist or something in case anyone lost theirs...

Good luck!