Monday, March 31, 2008

dear mr. lulu:

Hi sweets! Wow, I still can't believe you really want to marry me! Are you sure you don't need to spend some more time with my mom before you fully commit to that?

I can't wait for our adventure in Louisiana this summer. We're going to have the best time exploring and going to jazz clubs and eating all kinds of good food. There's going to be muffaletta, and shrimp, and gumbo, and maybe even alligator. And hurricanes (hopefully just the drinks, not the natural disaster), and sazerac, and did I mention the food? My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Oak Alley is beautiful, and I'm so excited to spend our wedding day there! I've always suspected that I have a misunderstood Southern belle hiding inside this tough Northern exterior, so I expect that this will be just like coming home.

Anyway, love, I'm really glad that we've decided to elope. Planning a big fancy wedding would make me crazy for sure, and I think this is much more romantic anyway.

Looking forward to a long and happy life with you!


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