Monday, March 24, 2008

dear world:

Hello all! I'm excited to announce that Mr. Lulu and I have decided to take the plunge! We've been having the marriage talk off and on for awhile, and I guess all my whining and constant pleading finally wore him down, because he asked for the family ring yesterday (IN THE MIDDLE OF EASTER DINNER). He's not really one for subtlety, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. His mom, on the other hand, did appear to be a bit shocked, and she looked like she might cry when we told her that we didn't want anyone at the wedding.

See, one of the things that has been a sticking point in the whole marriage negotiation is that the mere thought of gathering all of our family members into one room for an extended period of time and expecting us to enjoy ourselves sounds like an impossible task. We started warming to the idea of eloping a few months ago, and there was even talk at one point of flying to New Zealand to do the deed.

Sadly, logic butted in and reminded us that we probably can't afford to leave the state, much less the country, any time soon. Until, that is, Mr. Lulu realized that he had enough Alaska Airline frequent flyer miles to get us somewhere after all and offered me a vacation. Like the little devil that I can be, I turned my vacation into a wedding/honeymoon, and our plans were born.

Louisiana here we come!


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