Monday, September 15, 2008

dear babies (again):

Good morning- it's me again. You're all doing such a great job, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. It makes me so happy to look outside and see green instead of brown, and life instead of emptiness. You're awesome.

And to prove that you really are working hard- I've taken some more photos of you to chart your growth. If you were standing against a door jamb you would have gotten a pencil mark a whole inch higher! Nice work.

This is almost the same angle as this shot before. You've been filled in with a few more friends, and you look beautiful. The purples and the pinks are really popping against all that brown bark.

And then there's you. Little patch of ground cover that I am so anxiously awaiting to fill in so I can plop myself down and read a book on you. Hurry up, already! You're definitely coming along, but I'm so ready for you to be full and fluffy. I'm seriously considering buying a few more and filling in your holes right now so I can enjoy that spot at least once before fall is in full swing.

For comparison, here's what you looked like in July. Like I said, good job.

And then there are my friends in the garden plots. The lettuce was abundant, but a person can only eat so much lettuce at a time. Too bad we weren't smart enough to plant you in waves. You did great though, and now we know for next year. I wish that your buddies the zucchini would take a cue and get to growing now. there are a couple of cucumbers that look amazing, but that zucchini won't push past the flower phase. Hopefully you're on the way! Here's your big brother the cuke for a little inspiration:

Can you ever live up to his greatness?

I hope you all make it through the winter and live to give me a beautiful yard next summer too. It's been a pleasure cultivating you and I appreciate you every day for making my world a little nicer to look at.


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