Wednesday, May 14, 2008

dear earth:

Hello! To show our appreciation for what a great planet and home you are, Mr. Lulu and I have tried to make some simple changes in our life over the last year or so in hopes that you will somehow benefit. One thing that we did recently was install a clothesline.

I am already in the habit of air drying many of our clothes, and we have one of those three-layer accordian-type mesh drying racks. The problem with that is that it only really holds three sweaters. I tend to just stack them up but then they take twice as long to dry.

Initially, I asked Mr. Lulu to install my drying line in the back yard. Then I remembered that wait- we live in Seattle! Needless to day, that was written off as a completely idiotic idea. Sure- it would be great in July and August, but unfortunately, I have to do laundry all year long.

So after a little convincing that a drying line was still a good idea, Mr. Lulu agreed to install it for me inside! In the laundry room! The cement floor and the floor drain will ensure that any drips won't be damaging to anything, and there's very little chance that our freshly laundered clothing will be rained on. Success!

Here's my new line:

The only problem is that I'm such a munchkin I can't reach the lines to hang anything without a stool. That's where this guy is going to come in handy! And so cute! Can't wait. Totally reminds me of the library in elementary school! Only the ones there were boring black or grey, not cute red.

Anyway Earth, we're doing what we can. Baby steps. With any luck, we'll cut down on the number of times we have to run the dryer and that will not only save you a little, but it might just save us a bit too.


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